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Guest in podcast Verwondering

In the podcast Verwondering of Harald Dunnink (creative director of Momkai and co-founder of De Correspondent) I was invited to talk about the roll and philosophy of imagery on De and The Correspondent. We talked about our policy, my projects on image forming, our creative team ánd gardening.

[Listen here and check out the gallery with visuals of all topics we covered]

The origin story of our avatars

On De Correspondent I wrote the origin story of the key element in the house style of our journalistic platform: the hand drawn avatars. In the past seven years we have had several versions of the hand drawn portraits. In this piece I’m explaining why and how.

[Illustration by Cléa Dieudonné]

Book ‘This was not the news’

As part of the five years anniversary of De Correspondent we published a book with some of our best journalism, about the big structures and changes of our times. All our over 60.000 members get the e-book for free.

[Illustration by Momkai]

Yes! De Correspondent goes international

Thanks to a successful crowdfund campaign De Correspondent will have an English expansion by mid 2019! You can join our movement here.

Guest at conference for innovation in journalism

Representing De Correspondent at the conference Stop de Persen organised by Fonds voor Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten.

[Photo by Bob Bronshoff]



Deputy editor in chief

After being the image director from the very beginning of De Correspondent in 2013 I’m honoured to be promoted to deputy editor in chief of this journalism platform that provides an antidote to the daily news grind.

Update: in June 2018 I became editor in chief together with Rosan Smits. 

Analysing the photo book of Pete Souza


The photo book Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza is published. For years I’ve been going through his archive of Obama, analysing the orchestrated image forming of him as president. Does this photo book bring something new in addition to what we’ve seen?

Read the article here [in Dutch]

My very own weekly newsletter


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Collection of all my Obama-collections – in English


Years I spent shifting through White House photographer Pete Souza’s archives. I created collections for recurring topics, and began to see how public perception of Barack Obama is deliberately shaped. This is my analysis – and a trove of wonderful photos.

Eight years and 6,500 Obama photos later: How our view of the President has been meticulously crafted [in English here]

Art should play a ‘need to know’ role in journalism


In my years of doing image direction
for different journalistic media I never understood why art is only present in
the ‘nice to know’ section of news,
while especially art is capable of communicating the huge and abstract world wide problems we’ll have to deal with these days like climate change, growing inequality and privacy.
So I wrote a warm plea for the unique qualities of arts and why it should be published on front pages more often.

Read the article here [in Dutch].


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