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[2013 – current] for the online journalistic platform De Correspondent (all articles here)
[2009 – 2012] for the Dutch national newspapers nrc.next and NRC Handelsblad


For De Correspondent (selection)

> Series on image editing: 

How pictures of bonsai trees incensed our readers
Art covered by media should be need-to-know in stead of nice-to-know
Why look at old photos if every minute billions are added

> Series on the need and necessity of horrific pictures:53f751bdeda933536569290web

The dilemma of the horrific picture with multiple victims
IS makes horrific movies, but not only because they’re gory
Horrific pictures can (a) end war, (b) prevent war, (c) cause war
What if you would have a blind date with a horrific picture?
War Porn and why you should look at horrific pictures
Can a horrific picture also be beautiful?

> Collection of analyses on the photo archive of Obama’s White House photographer Pete Souza: 

524eb55c2f86b9.20866043Introduction: The White House Photographer
Collection 1: Obama at work
Collection 2: Obama is eating a hamburger
Collection 3: Obama likes to take the floor
Collection 4: Obama and the flying babies
Collection 5: Obama and his secret in love
Collection 6: Obama, his view and desire
Collection 7: The First Lady likes to dance
Collection 8: Obama and his selfish selfie
Collection 9: Obama and his smile
Collection 10: The one big exception

> Reviews of photobooks and -exhibitions:

Photobook Hidden Islam by Nicolò Degiorgis: Before this book all Italian Muslims were invisible
Photobook i by Eamonn Doyle: A stylish photobook full of resolute elderly
Photobook Birds of the West Indies by Taryn Simon: James Bond like you have never seen him before
Exhibitions of The Sotchi Project: Because of these images the makers cannot visit Russia any longer
Magazine Making the News by Colors: See through a hole in the page how the news is made
Exhibition The Enclave by Richard Mosse: Beautiful artocities

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