the ED collective


Octagon: a Tool for Systematic Research

Recent cultural developments, worn-out traditional media and changes in globalised communication have made it increasingly difficult to navigate independently through information overload. The Octagon was developed to bring order to and create new possibilities for, gathering and understanding the wealth of information on offer. Inclusive in design, this research tool provides a structure for exploring multiple perspectives on the same subject and can be used for investigations of any kind. It is as suitable for artistic and social research as it is for those looking for a personal guide through unstructured information environments.



ED IT: the substantial system for photographic archive maintenance

ED presents a system to analyze a photo archive and boil it down to the essence through creating a representative model. The system is based on a step-by-step analysis of the personal archive without the owner’s presence. By means of professional assessment and expertise, it becomes possible to approach the statement “less is more”. By exploring the photographic medium and willing to explore tendencies, which occur due to its growing importance, ED has come up with a research into the modern use of photography based on data from a private photo archive.


[photo: Ola Lanko]

ED = visual artist Ola Lanko, applied ethicist Nikki Brörmann and me.

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