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New articles in my project on horrific imagery

I’ve been writing essays on horrific images in media, to get insight in how imagery can fulfil a (new) role in making journalistic productions. I’m investigation the issue from different perspectives.

The journalistic/editors perspective:
“War porn and why we must look at these pictures”

The historical perspective:
“Horrific imagery can: a) stop war, b) prevent war, c) cause war” 

The makers intentions perspective:
“IS makes horrific images, but not only because they are gory”


My vision on editing images

For a year now I can may call myself the image editor-in-chief of the Dutch journalistic platform De Correspondent. So it’s time to tell about what I want, what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been trying and what I would like to do more next year.

New project on horrific imagery

gruwelijke foto's

On De Correspondent I’ve started a new project to investigate the need of horrific pictures in media. As an image editor for journalistic media for over seven years now, I’ve had some experience with the difficulties – like “need” versus “ethics” – of (not) publishing these kind of images. But I would like to extent my research with contributions of others to get more perspectives on this theme.

You can read my introduction on this project here [only in Dutch].

Guided Tours: The Enclave by Richard Mosse


After writing a recommendation for De Correspondent on the exhibition The Enclave of Richard Mosse I gave several guided tours through this exhibition in Foam (the photo museum in Amsterdam).

[Photo: Bas Losekoot]

James Bond like you’ve never seen him before


My review on the new photobook of Taryn Simon ‘Birds of the West Indies’.

The White House photographic archive analysed


For the past half year I’ve been investigating the archive of the White House photographer Pete Souza. The result is a series of ten collections I’ve composed and analysed from the whole archive. The project is published on De Correspondent [only in Dutch].

Find here more information on the whole project.

[Photo’s: Pete Souza/the White House]

Review on Richard Moss – The Enclave


Last week I visited the exhibition of The Enclave by Richard Mosse in the Irish pavilion during La Biennale di Venezia. And because I was blown away by the project as well as by the presentation of the work, I wrote a recommendation on De Correspondent in the hope that some museum will bring this exhibition to Holland.

Read here my recommendation, including a video registration of the installation.

Analysing the White House photographic archive


For De Correspondent I’m investigating the photographic archive of White House photographer Pete Souza (as it is published on flickr). By categorising the images into self-defined collection I’m able to analyse the way imagery is used as a tool for staged representation.

As starting point I wrote the introduction “the White House Photographer”
on this project (I’m still working on).

A call for fewer images


As part of the Live Preview presentation of De Correspondent in Paradiso last sunday, I pleaded for the use of fewer images in journalistic publications. Because of the overload of images we are living in, we need to select what is worth looking at. Although one could think more images published on digital platforms is an improvement, I think we must strive for publishing only good images to maintain our appreciation of images as well as the quality of images.

Watch here the video registration of this presentation [sorry, dutch only…]

[photo by Janus van den Eijnden]

Image editing 2.0


My first blog. [dutch only]
About what sort of image editor I want to be for De Correspondent.

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